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40 mg xr adderall too much 30 mg codeine pills street value SAHIC 2017

Welcome to SAHIC South America 2017

SAHIC South America is the annual event of international level aimed at promoting the Hotel and Tourism business and related Real-Estate industry projects in the region, which has become a classic that continues to re-invent itself year after year.

Nearly 3500 senior executives have already taken part in this important conference which, since its very start, has been held in major South American cities -Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeiro, Cartagena de Indias, Santiago de Chile, Lima (2012 and 2015), Bogotá, Quito, Guayaquil and in 2017 we will celebrate it in the charming city of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

SAHIC South America certainly helps you understand where the industry is today and where it is heading, but above all, it helps you understand where the opportunities lie, how to meet the right partners and build the partnerships that may increase business opportunities.

Either we talk about hotels, resorts, related real estate projects -including shared ownership- or about overall leisure and tourism development projects in the region, we are talking about SAHIC South America.

It is an event where Networking has a key role through different activities that promote the possibility of interacting with key industry players.

This is undoubtedly a must-go annual event for anyone who is developing or seeking to develop projects in South America. A business event for business people.

SAHIC South America comprises two days of intensive activities that will significantly contribute to business development in a region with a marked growth and a promising future.

In these days of great uncertainty and volatility in the world’s major markets, South America appears as a clear investment option.

It will be a pleasure to welcome you in Buenos Aires, Argentina on September



Arturo García Rosa
President & Founder


20/20 Showcase your Project

“20/20 Showcase your Project” is the platform aimed at showcasing and submitting innovative ideas and attractive projects to be developed in different destinations in the region, and at facilitating the encounter between opportunities and interested investors.

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About Us

Since its inception in 2008, SAHIC has focused in the hotel and tourism industry, becoming the premier Latin American investment conference organizer.

SAHIC events promote business and related real-estate investment projects in Latin America attracting serious hotel investors, C-level hotel executives, and major developers to this part of the world.

Our events aim at helping understand where the Latin American industry is today, where it is heading, and also where the investment opportunities lie as it coordinates numerous opportunities to meet the right partners and build relationships.

SAHIC events are the “key place” to meet the international industry players: hotel chains and groups, investors, banks, mutual funds, developers, architects, and interior designers, regional government representatives and other decision makers of the industry.

In partnership with Bench Events since June 2016, SAHIC welcomes those interested investors from Europe, the Middle East and Asia to explore opportunities and learn more about our region and consider involvement in our part of the world.

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